An Introduction Of BlueDot Dental

Coffee, cigarettes, and red wine are all bad for your teeth, which is where cosmetic dentistry may help. A cosmetic dentistry procedure is a broad term that refers to a multitude of dental procedures that improve the overall appearance of your smile. Bleaching, bonding, tooth veneers, inlays and onlays, and composite fillings are all options. Get the facts about BlueDot Dental
Bleaching, often known as teeth whitening, is a common technique that can rapidly increase your self-esteem. Bleaching can be done at the dentist’s office or at home under dental supervision at your leisure. Too many colas and coffees can discolour your teeth, and your dentist can help you determine the best technique to whiten them. The Zoom chairside approach, performed at your dentist’s office, is quick, simple, and effective. Your dentist can offer you with custom-made bleaching trays that eliminate the stains effectively and significantly at home.
Bonding is a simple and quick way to restore decaying, damaged, chipped, or broken teeth in one visit to the dentist. Tooth-colored resin is moulded and polished to match your actual teeth and is moulded on the surface of damaged or discoloured teeth. Bonding can also be used to repair gaps between teeth.
If your front teeth are chipped, damaged, crooked, or irregularly spaced, your dentist can create custom-made veneers, which are thin porcelain shells that cover your teeth. Veneers, a less expensive option to crown treatment, are indicated if your teeth are in good shape. Because your porcelain veneers are produced in a laboratory after an impression of your teeth is taken, this procedure takes two to three sittings. Veneers are more durable than bonding and discolour less easily.
Inlays and onlays are used instead of fillings for larger cavities or cracks in the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. These are matched to look like your natural teeth and unlike fillings they are made in the laboratory in advance and are then glued to your teeth so that they fit in seamlessly, without any rough edges.