Assisted Living – A Better Life for Seniors

Assisted living is a term commonly used to refer to skilled nursing and healthcare facilities that offer patient care in an assisted living setting. Assisted living can take many forms, with both hospitals and other health care facilities now offering this type of service. In the States this has been steadily growing and there are now many nursing homes and assisted living apartments available. The need for these services has become greater as the baby-boomer generation ages and the elderly population is expected to increase substantially in the coming years. Assisted Living offers excellent info on this.


Assisted living  is provided under the Medicare program, and most provinces also have a similar program in place. In general terms, assisted living services provide assistance to seniors in paying for their day-to-day living expenses such as food, housekeeping and transportation. Some assisted living residences offer health care services in addition to these basic home requirements. In some cases, seniors are cared for in nursing homes while they are receiving care from skilled nursing care providers. Assisted living is becoming more widespread among the elderly, and many elderly people are choosing this type of specialized health care.

Many assisted living homes provide a range of special services to their residents including meals; health care education and support; spiritual support; laundry and dry cleaning services; transportation; and assistance with making the transition to the assisted living units from their current nursing home environment. Assisted living can provide a better quality of life for seniors who would otherwise be forced to live on their own in a residential nursing home. These living arrangements can also provide benefits to the care recipients, such as reduced costs associated with assisted living homes. For these reasons, assisted living is a popular choice for seniors who would rather remain in their own homes than go into a nursing home. In some instances, seniors who require more specialized health care may prefer to stay in an assisted living unit where medical treatments are offered at a more reduced cost.

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