Cement Siding: Hire The Right Installer

When it comes to renovating the exterior of your home, make sure you hire the correct fibre cement siding installation to preserve your investment. Both of the most prevalent fibre cement sidings contain extensive installation instructions that, if not followed, might void warranties, resulting in a major mess if a problem arises with your siding installation. Davis Roofing and Restoration LLC offers excellent info on this.
Unlike vinyl siding, there are currently no industry standards or certifications for the installation of fibre cement siding, also known as cement siding. Also, just because a siding contractor is listed as a “recommended contractor” doesn’t guarantee they do a better job or instal siding than other siding contractors. It typically signifies they’ve decided to concentrate on selling that brand of siding over others. To satisfy my customers’ preferences, I personally chose to offer a number of siding solutions with varied siding costs. I don’t want to be forced to sell a product that may or may not fit the needs of all of my potential siding customers.
As you begin the process of choosing a fibre cement contractor, the first thing you should do is educate yourself about the installation procedure. If installation instructions are available, go to the siding manufacturer’s website and look for them.
As with most siding alternatives, all warranties clearly indicate that if fibre cement siding is poorly installed or handled, the entire guarantee may be cancelled. I’ll go through two quick and easy installation tips for a popular cement siding brand. Unfortunately, siding contractors frequently fail to complete these two tasks, which could harm homeowners in the future.
Why aren’t they being done is the most difficult element for me to understand. There are photos in the installation instructions that illustrate exactly how to address these problems. I’m not claiming that my company is the only one that does appropriate siding installation, but there are far too many cases of it being done incorrectly to risk it. It could mean paying a bit extra up front (or not) for your siding installation, or spending more later for repairs.