Choosing a Professional Home Decorator or Painter: A Step-by-Step Guide

This article will assist you in selecting a decorator to paint, wallpaper, or decorate your home.
There are numerous reasons why people choose to hire pros rather than conduct their own decorating. The most typical reason for hiring a professional decorator is a lack of time due to family obligations, lengthy job hours, or even a busy social life. Other reasons include a hate of mounting ladders and a desire to have the task done to a better degree than most do-it-yourselfers can. GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors offers excellent info on this.
Of course, hiring decorators does not absolve you of all responsibility. You still have to pick on the style, colours, wallpaper, paint, and other options, as well as where to get the accessories. It’s not always a simple undertaking, and it’s not always easy to achieve an agreement when there are multiple people involved. Our decorator was amused when I reluctantly agreed to try my husband’s colour choice but acquired a price for repainting it the following month before allowing the decorator to begin work. It turned out to be a wonderful colour choice for the dining room (a rich terracotta), but you never know!
As with any trade, it’s vital that you choose wisely when hiring a contractor and agree on reasonable conditions of engagement.
• Select the appropriate decorator for the project at hand. Decorators have a diverse set of abilities and expertise. Some decorators prefer to work indoors to outdoors or vice versa, while others prefer to paint rather than put up wallpaper. For some projects, you may wish to hire a decorator who can apply unusual paint effects like rag rolling and marbling.
• Obtain multiple written quotes and double-check that everyone is quoting on the same unambiguous terms. Consider the following points: o Who will pay for the paint or wallpaper?
o What quality of materials are being delivered if the decorator is paying for materials as part of the job?
Is there any VAT to be paid?
o Who will be doing the actual work? – Complete not assume that the person who gave you the price will do the work. – What kind of preparation will be done, such as sanding down woodwork? – How many coats of paint will be used?
o Would your decorator relocate furniture or will you have to do it yourself before work begins? o How long will it take? Does the expected completion date allow for adverse weather if the decorator is painting the outside of your home?
• Request and follow up on references – local decorators may be able to organise a visit with another local customer.
• Think about how your decorator will gain entrance to your home. Would you be willing to provide a key that can be used while you are away?
• When it comes to outside decoration, make sure there are clear security precautions in place. If you are out when the decorators leave and the window frames are still damp, problems can arise. Although the painters may wish to keep the windows open, doing so may leave you without adequate insurance if a burglar gains access through an open window.