Grand Island Trailer Washouts Chronicles

Grand Island Truck Wash utilizes state-of-the-art automatic truck washing machines that leave your fleet sparkling. The XLERIA is an automated drive-through washing system, designed to help make your business and their vehicles sparkle. This system utilizes a unique washing method with brush or touch-less technology, which enables a thorough washing of both the exterior of your truck as well as its interior. Both cargo and passenger areas are treated to this exceptional wash system for complete coverage of all you business assets.Learn more by visiting Grand Island Trailer Washouts

The High Pressure washer, truck wash systems is extremely high-pressure and will rinse and clean your vehicle’s off, removing all types of dirt and grease from your commercial trucks. The high-pressure washing system was developed to ensure the best results, along with the highest level of safety. The HPRW maintains a consistent pressure, giving the best possible rinse for your truck, van, or SUV. HPRW trucks wash and clean in high-resolution high-heat water, using the most advanced ultra violet (UV) technology to remove stubborn stains and grime and leave your valued assets looking like new!

The High Pressure washer also utilizes the most advanced robotic technology, eliminating the need for manpower, and leaves your valuable assets looking great! This high-pressure truck wash system was designed to eliminate the need for manpower, and eliminates the need for costly labor costs. The truck wash system uses robotic brushes, that scrub the surfaces of your commercial trucks. This robotic brushing technique ensures a high quality clean for your vans and all commercial vehicles that utilize the drive-through truck wash system.