Pie Shop At A Glance

There are also many other yummy delights from the pie shop including: Cream Puffs, Lemon Tarts, Apple pies, and of course Coffee and Mints. You can order these items right off of the bakery’s website. To help boost sales even more, many of the florists that sell food products right from the bakery also offer free tasting and gift card programs. Just because you order via the website doesn’t mean you can’t try a new item. You can! Pie Shop¬†offers excellent info on this.

There are even several different ways to buy pies from this bakery and most of them are simple. You can place an in-store pick if you live in the city area and they will deliver to you directly. If you’d rather order online, you can do so via their website and choose among their many deli options. Online orders for pie styles are often pick and pack or ship and have your fresh pies in a few days. However, for in-store pick, it will take about a week.
If you love deli food and have never been able to experience a pie company, you should check out Pie Shops in your area. This bakery and pie company has won several awards for their delicious fruit pies and other delicious breads. Pies are so popular that customers line up for them in grocery stores all over the country. So head over to the Pie Shop online and check it out for yourself!


Ma Pies
4517 1 St SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 2L2
(587) 327-1813