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Selling Your Home – A Real Estate Agent Can Have Many Faces

The following is the second in a series of articles about selling your home. This article will discuss how to select the best real estate agent for your needs as a seller, what to anticipate from your agent, and the many sorts of real estate agents. Feel free to visit their website at The Krafting Home Team – Realty One Group Fourpoints-Real Estate Agent for more details.

As I indicated in the first piece of this series, if you are working with a licenced real estate agent, your agent is obliged and obligated to follow certain fiduciary duties when working with you.

It is critical that you recognise that there are various types of real estate agents. There are four types of agents: sellers’ agents, buyers’ agents, dual agents, and designated agents. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

A sellers agent is a licenced real estate agent who enters into a listing agreement with the property’s seller. They have a responsibility to look out for your best interests and should be aggressively marketing your home for sale. They should be able to provide you advice on the value of your home and what they perceive to be a fair selling price. The selling agent is also required to share any material information they have about the buyer with you.

A buyer agent is a licenced real estate agent who enters into a contract with a commission buyer of real estate. The buyer agent will be affiliated with your agent’s broker or a different broker’s agency. Remember that a buyer’s agent is expected to provide the buyer with complete fiduciary duties and to act only in the buyer’s best interests. They will advise and consult with the buyer on market value, comparable available homes, financing choices, and a variety of other topics. When making offers on your home, they will interact directly with the selling agent. The seller should not reveal any information to the buyer agent that they do not want the buyer to know. Any material faults must be disclosed to the buyer by the vendor.