Speed Clean Truck Wash Chronicles

“Speed Clean Truck Wash”, by Scott Ball, is a comprehensive guide for all truck drivers and owners. It is written for both new and experienced truck drivers to help them maintain their trucks in the most cost effective way possible. The book also lists all of the equipment that is required to perform a speed clean in one fell swoop, saving you time and money at the end of your shift. Speed Clean Truck Wash offers excellent info on this.

“With ELD’s an efficient and quick wash is crucial as a dirty truck sitting on the road can cost upwards of $300/hr. For a truck washing service this is ideal, as a dirty truck sitting on the road can result in hundreds of dollars in damage done from road salt splashing on the windows and roof of your truck or being stuck on the ground. We are a new industry; our vehicles are constantly going down and when they do we want our service to be quick and efficient as well. We use automation to compliment our staff, not replace them, so every wash is done using our own equipment.

“Speed Clean Truck Wash” by Scott Ball is a great book for any truck washing service and owner. It explains how a truck cleaning service can be done cost effectively, while still being efficient and having the right equipment to protect the vehicle. As the economy gets tighter and we are all trying to cut costs, it is important that we all read up on what we can do to make our business more cost effective and also increase profits. “Speed Clean Truck Wash” by Scott Ball gives many tips and advice on doing that, as well as giving the owner plenty of testimonials of happy clients who come back time after time thanks to the services provided.