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The Importance of Stroudsburg Insulation

Insulation has been described by the government and other organisations as the single most important change you can make to your home to reduce your energy consumption. As a result, the government has taken steps to make installing insulation in your home simpler and less expensive. The Energy Company Obligation programme, as well as numerous discounts and free insulation offers for low-income people, are among them. But why do we want to do this, and how much of a difference can it make?Do you want to learn more? Visit  insulation near me

Insulation in the loft

According to the Energy Saving Trust, one-quarter of the energy lost from our homes is lost through the roof. Most of this can be avoided by simply adding insulation to the loft.

Installing insulation to a depth of 270mm in your loft might save you up to £180 per year.

Installing insulation in your loft would cost about £300, considering your house is a medium-sized semi-detached.

Installing insulation in your loft will save you about 730kg of CO2.

Insulation of the cavity in the wall

Suitable for homes constructed after 1920 that do not have damp problems. Wall cavity insulation is standard in most homes constructed in the last ten years.

You may expect to save up to £140 on your heating bills per year.

Installing wall cavity insulation will set you back around £500.

This form of insulation will save you 560kg of carbon per year.

If you want to do it yourself?

Insulating your loft is simple to do and can be done without the assistance of a professional. All you have to do now is clean out your loft and remove some floorboards. The insulation should then be unrolled and placed between the joists. Any of it can need to be cut down to scale. Before you replace the floorboards, make sure you’ve filled in all the holes.

Insulation for wall cavities should always be designed by a professional. They’ll need to inspect the walls to see if they’re suitable, repair any damp problems, and then drill holes for the insulation material to be pumped in. This work necessitates the use of high-pressure hoses and specialised equipment.

Is it possible to get free insulation?

Under the ECO system, you will be able to have your insulation built for free. This government programme requires energy providers to provide free home upgrades to low-income consumers and a subsidised rate to all other customers. Insulation falls under the ECO category, and most energy firms have it.

If you are not eligible for either of the free schemes, you will be able to contact your local council for information about other options. If not, local DIY stores often offer insulation at a reduced price, especially during the summer months.

If electricity is your primary source of heat in your house, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. The most cost-effective and easy way to increase your home’s heat quality is to insulate it. Make it your summer mission to get ready for the long winter months ahead.