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VINVERIFICATION is a service offered by the New York notary public to verify signatures on legal documents, including deeds and mortgages. Notary businesses often offer VIN verification services to clients who are preparing to sell a home or property. Such a service can add significant value to the “bargain” of buying a home or property. When considering whether or not a notary public would be able to provide this type of verification, it’s important to remember that the notaries who perform this task have a vested interest in notifying both parties in the transaction that the document was notarized. VinVerification offers excellent info on this.


So why would a notary public even offer vinverification services? A simple answer is this: most real estate transactions involve some type of compromise, where there is an allowance for the seller to retain some “credits,” depending on what s/he agreed to do with the property. For example, many sellers will allow the buyer to take photos of the property and review the inside and out before making any offers. In such situations, a notary public will be able to ensure that a true and honest sale has taken place – even if he does not actually witness the transaction taking place or directly verify signatures on the deeds or mortgages.

By taking advantage of such mobile notary services, a seller can add significantly to the value of a property that they plan to sell. This is why many people consider mobile notary signing brokers when they are preparing to make a large investment such as a house or other large purchase. If you’re thinking about using a notary broker to help you buy or sell a home or property, consider offering vinverification services in order to protect yourself, your investment, and your financial future.

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