What is Med Spa? Things to Know About Them

A med spa is a cross between a day spa and a medical clinic that operates under the direction of a licenced physician. Treatments include those for face issues including redness, dark spots, and broken capillaries that a standard esthetician may not be able to treat as well. Many clinics also include laser hair removal, IPL treatments, photofacials, microdermabrasion, and Botox and other facial fillers. Essentials Wellness Med Spa offers excellent info on this.

Unlike regular day spas, these establishments feature a more clinical ambience. While many offer relaxation services such as massages and various sorts of body treatments, they tend to focus on wellness and health.

Asking the Right Questions

Who owns and runs the company?

Who is in charge of the operation? Is it a medical professional? Are they able to provide consultations, treatments, and supervision on the premises? While rules vary, a doctor is usually required to supervise procedures conducted in the spa. This does not always imply that they are present at all times. Some doctors merely lend their names to these companies while having little or no involvement.

Who is in charge of the procedures?

Are the people offering the services qualified and licenced? What is their level of experience? Such inquiries are necessary for procedures like laser hair removal, which does not require a licence in most jurisdictions. Request before and after images, as well as reviews of their work.

What kind of equipment is in use right now?

Therapy expenses are often high because to the high cost of the equipment required to execute the treatment. Find out what kind of equipment is being used and do some study on it. Because technology is always changing, you’ll want to be sure the procedures and methods you’re using are the most recent and up-to-date.

What Will the Treatment’s Outcomes Be?

Make certain you’re getting services that will benefit you. Allowing yourself to be marketed extra therapies that you have no interest in or that provide little to no benefit is not a good idea. It’s your body, so go ahead and receive the treatments you came for.