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Virginia Beach Microneedling-An Overview

It’s a “normal” way to rejuvenate your face! Microneedling is one of the most popular and effective facial rejuvenation procedures available today in your plastic surgeon’s office, and you’ve probably heard a lot about it. But did you know that it’s a fully non-invasive, almost naturopathic procedure that works by convincing the skin to rejuvenate itself? The microscopic needle treatment stimulates the skin to increase collagen output, boost elastic tone, and smooth the surface feel, much like high-tech acupuncture for the face. There are no harsh chemicals used to remove the skin, no lasers used to “burn” the skin away, no incisions, and no cuts. There’s nothing to “heal,” but there are “actual” improvements! Get the facts about Virginia Beach Microneedling

It’s a great deal! Microneedling is one of the most cost-effective facial rejuvenation procedures available, particularly when compared to other options. The cost of a series of six procedures for a complete facial rejuvenation procedure is typically between $200 and $300 per session. As compared to a single session of complete facial laser resurfacing, which can cost between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00. We have a winner in this match-up! Comparable outcomes, substantially less risk, much easier to undergo, a drastically shorter recovery, and significantly less expensive than the laser – sounds like we have a winner!
It works quickly, but it also works for a long time! While results and changes are often apparent within one to two weeks of one’s first microneedling session, they will continue to build momentum for several weeks after that. In reality, rejuvenating/remodeling positive improvements can last for 6 – 12 months after a series (six seems to be the magic ideal successful number for most people).
It’s healthy for people of all races! Microneedling is extremely healthy for people of colour; untoward pigmentation changes during treatment are almost unheard of. This makes microneedling a better option than chemical peels or lasers, which both have the potential to leave the skin slightly lighter or darker irregular, patchy areas after recovery! As lasers are used in just one area (e.g., for lines around the lips/mouth), this colour changing risk becomes much more of a problem because even a minor colour shift could stand out against untreated areas. Regional microneedling therapies are extremely common because they pose almost no risk of this terrible complication.